Local action encouraged to mitigate low water levels in North West

Water is a precious resource and depending on where in the UK you live and work, you may already be used to hosepipe bans and regular water restrictions throughout the summer months. When you combine our warm and dry weather with businesses reopening and a rise in staycations across the UK, it may come as no surprise that there has been a big increase in the amount of water being used this year.

As we head into the Autumn months, although there has been more rainfall recently, water is being used quicker than local reservoirs are able to fill up. This means that water levels are lower than they should be at this time of year, particularly in the North West of England. So if your business is based in Lancashire, Greater Manchester, or across the North West, make sure you’re doing what you can to save water, both at work and in your homes. 

Water saving tips

As your water retailer, we work closely with Wholesalers across the country, such as United Utilities who supply water to homes and businesses in the North West. 
Working together, we’ll be supporting them in identifying potential water leaks and opportunities to minimise water wastage as well as contacting customers to encourage investigations into their increased water usage. 

Help reduce water demand

More warm, dry weather is expected so if there’s a way you, your business and your employees can save or reuse water now, it’ll help reduce demand and preserve our environment. 

By just making a few simple changes, they really can make a big difference in preserving water resources in your local area.