Caring for the environment

8 employees from our Edinburgh office teamed up with Scottish Canals to help clean up the waterways at The Falkirk Wheel, the world’s only rotating boatlift.


It joins the Forth & Clyde Canal with the Union Canal, attracting millions of visitors every year to Scotland. The team volunteered to clean the canals at this iconic landmark, which now forms part of Scotland’s industrial heritage.


Our staff painted the lock gates, removed vegetation and cleared litter from the canal bank and towpaths.


Our Scotland-based team also volunteered in a canal-cleaning exercise at the Union Canal in Edinburgh last year and were keen to get involved again this summer to support Scotland’s waterways.


John McGowan, Volunteer Co-ordinator for Scottish Canals, said: “The team at Wave continue to play a fantastic role in volunteering to clean up the canals. Millions of visitors come here each year and with the hard work of volunteers, we can make a huge difference to these waterways.


“The canal provides the perfect place for walkers, cyclists and boaters to relax, discover and explore. We’re grateful for the efforts put in by the team at Wave and their help in keeping the canal a beautiful place for everyone to visit.”


Jane Austin, director of HR, said: “As a national water retailer, we’re keen to maintain, protect and promote the natural environment, both for our generation and those to come.


“We’re happy that volunteering activities like this give our people opportunities to get involved with many of the causes we’re passionate about. Working with organisations like Scottish Canals is really rewarding for us and we thoroughly enjoyed the day at The Falkirk Wheel, which is such a fantastic attraction for Scotland. It’s great to see what a few pairs of hands can achieve together.”