A Guide to Water and Waste Water

We understand your business is complicated enough, so have put this simple three step guide together to help you to better understand your water and waste water contracts. 

  1. Your contract – Northumbrian Water and Essex and Suffolk customers

Until 1st April, you will pay your water bill to your regional water supplier, but won’t have a supply contract. 

From 1st April if you choose to do nothing, you’ll transfer onto a deemed contract with NWG Business on the prices published in the Charges Scheme. 

  1. Get to know your property/properties

By knowing a bit more about what you use water for and where you use it, it’ll help you with things such as getting a quote, aiming to work towards water efficiency and even keeping an eye on your usage for things such as leaks

  1. Be a water warrior!

Whilst you may think about turning off lights and plugs, often trying to use less water or switching off running taps isn’t top of the priority list.   Small changes can make a big difference especially if you’re on a water meter. 

Ready to learn more, there’s lots of handy hints and information on this website or you can get in touch to discuss your water needs. 

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