A Guide to Gas and Electricity

We understand your business is complicated enough, and that gas and electricity contracts aren’t always top of your priority list, but there are some small steps you can take to make them work harder for you.  This handy guide should help you to get started. 


  1. Check your current contract  

As is the case in many things, knowledge is power, so take some time to look at your current contract;  

  • Understand what you’ve signed up for – who is your supplier?  
  • Know when you’re contracted until – your contract end date is really important
  • Fixed or variable - if you’re on a fixed deal you’ll know what unit rate you’re paying which will help you to budget, but there will also be penalties if you want to move before the end of this period.  If you are on a standard variable tariff you can shop around and switch anytime.
  • Look at what you’re paying – small changes can make a big difference.  Are you taking advantage of discounts for things such as paperless billing or direct debit?

Deemed contract - if you’re ‘out of contract’ you need to know this too as you may be paying deemed rates (which are usually high in the gas and electricity markets) which means there will be a better deal out there. 


  1. Be an energy champion

By knowing what you’re using and where you can change your usage.   Small but simple changes can make the world of difference to your bills.  A machine on standby will still use energy, switch it off and see the difference it can make.  


  1. Involve Everyone!

No matter the size of your business, everyone can make positive steps to support you in using less, which will bring positive impact on the environment and ultimately reduce the size of your bills.