FAQs: What are my current contract prices, terms & conditions?

If you were a customer in the Northumbrian Water, Anglian Water or Essex & Suffolk Water area at the time of market opening in 2017, the price conditions below will apply to your business.

If you receive services from us but haven't signed any other terms and conditions, you'll be on a Deemed Contract which you can find below.

If you’ve entered into a fixed term contract with us, our standard retail contract terms and conditions will apply.

We're always happy to discuss your account and look at the right options for you, so please get in touch for more information.

To find out more about how your wholesale and our retail charges are compiled, see Changes to Charges Explained.

Terms & Conditions 2020/21

Price Conditions for Transferred Customers in the Northumbrian Water area 2020/21

Price Conditions for Transferred Customer in the Anglian Water area 2020/21

Price Conditions for Transferred Customers in the Essex & Suffolk Water area 2020/21

Deemed Contract 2020/21 COVID-19 update

Update 01.06.2020: Following the recent changes from Ofwat relating to how Retailers deal with disconnection, we’ve updated our terms to help customers affected by Covid-19 to deal with the effects of the pandemic.

Scotland Terms & Conditions

Standard terms and conditions for the supply of water and waste water services to business customers (Scotland)

Previous Terms & Conditions

You can find copies of our previous terms and conditions here.