FAQs: Landlords in Scotland

The Water Resources (Scotland) Act 2013 provides for retailers to be notified when there is a change of tenancy at a premise or when the premise becomes vacant. As of 1st January 2017, this means that a premise owner (landlord) must keep the retailer up to date on the details of the occupant. If you do not do this, you become jointly and severally liable for any charges that become due. 

The Scottish Landlord Portal is a convenient service that allows commercial property owners, property associations, landlords, managing agent, or councils (i.e. owners, or anyone acting on their behalf) to record all of your properties, and enter details about each property such as tenants and billing responsibilities (e.g. customer names). It will also allow you to quickly and easily keep us informed if and when things change (such as changes in tenancy, or when the place becomes vacant).

The Scottish Landlord Portal may be found at slp.cmascotland.co.uk. For information on how to use the Scottish Landlord Portal, visit our help pages where you will find helpful step-by-step guides. Further information on competition in the Scottish water market can be found at www.scotlandontap.gov.uk.