FAQ: Who do I contact in a water or sewerage emergency?

Since the opening of the water market in April 2017, wholesalers continue to treat the water, maintain the networks and remove and treat waste water. It's therefore important that they're made aware of any changes relating to these services so they can respond quickly.

You should contact your wholesaler if you’re experiencing any of the following changes to your water or sewerage services:

  • A burst or leak outside the boundary of your premises
  • No water (loss of supply)
  • Strange smell, colour or taste to your water
  • Low pressure
  • Sewer flooding and blockages
  • Trade Effluent Compliance Issues

If you're not sure who your wholesaler is, you can find out by using your postcode on our wholesaler page.

As your water retailer, we look after your billing and arrange meter readings, as well as a wide range of additional services.

Give us a call if you’re experiencing any of the following, and we'll be happy to help:

  • Billing or Account queries
  • Pipework problems
  • Meter issues
  • Any other matters

If your site is without water and it is critical for your business to have water to operate, you can contact our partners, Water Direct. They can provide you with emergency tankering and bottled water.

Call them day or night on 0345 345 1725 and tell them you’re a Wave customer.