The Wonderful World of Web

Date: Friday 17th March 
Lissa Balmer

Wow, what a journey we’ve been on! From starting out with a vision of having a website with a truly customer-focused experience to today as the site goes live.

When we started on this project it was all about what our customers would want and being market-leading.

Cathyrn Ross threw down the gauntlet when she commented that water companies delivered “an analogue service in a digital age” and that really resonated with me, I wanted our website to be something which we as a team could be proud of but ultimately delivers more for our customers.

Cathryn Ross, Chief Executive of Ofwat, said:

 We are living in an age of retail revolution, but water customers are being left behind.
The service offers from water companies can feel behind the curve compared to the innovation customers benefit from when buying other goods. The uncomfortable truth is that, when it comes to retail offers, water companies provide an analogue service in a digital age. 

PN 14/16 Competition in residential retail water market could prevent customers being left behind

We have taken the time to look outside of the industry, learn from best practice and build something which has the customer at the heart of what we do. I should also say at this point that whilst the website is launched, it’s nowhere near completed, and we’ll add more functionality as we go. 

Of course we couldn’t have got here without some outstanding support from the team as well as some brilliant partners! We’ve had Kameleon (Content Marketing Agency of the Year 2015) who simply get us. MM Digital who always have user-experience at the heart of what they deliver. Access Advertising whose agility, creativity and advice has been so valuable and really brought the partners together- so we've felt like one team. I’ve also been supported brilliantly by our in house delivery team and other staff members who’ve really put their heart and soul into this and helped develop content and guides.  Finally a thank you to our customers who have given up time to provide feedback and insight.