Public sector water management: Work with Wave

Public sector organisations face more pressure than most. With tight budgets, strict efficiency targets and high levels of accountability, your organisation works hard to maintain a great public image and match this up with measurable results. That’s why it’s essential your water management, including consumption and efficiency are all carefully monitored.

Wave works with a range of public sector organisations, helping them to ensure their water services are in line with budgets and supporting where we can, to reduce unnecessary water consumption and minimise waste.

The importance of meter readings

We encourage all our customers to take regular meter readings. So, whether you’re a council, hospital, school, or any other public sector organisation, your meter read helps us provide more accurate billing and better estimated readings. Plus, by reviewing your water consumption history, you can quickly tell if your usage is increasing and act immediately if there is any unusual activity, such a leak.

But it’s not all down to you. Using your regular water meter reads, Wave also monitors your water consumption. We can send you high consumption alerts so you can investigate the issue and your account manager can support you and advise which of our additional services could help get your leak or burst pipe under control as soon as possible.

We recognise that some of our customers’ meters may be in difficult or unsafe locations, so it’s important to assess any risks beforehand. The Wave team is on hand to help and work with you to find an alternative solution to help your organisation stay on top of meter readings in difficult to reach or unsafe locations.

Submitting your meter readings with Wave is very straightforward using your online account. An increasing number of our public sector clients including hospitals and borough councils are investing in automatic meter reading technology, which further streamlines this process and ensures you’re less likely to miss a leak or receive an unexpected bill.

Pushing for organisational change

For a public sector body to reduce its water consumption, there needs to be open communication and on-the-ground initiatives. Speak to your water retailer about making a water saving pledge and encourage employees to do their part. Wave can support you with your water saving strategy, helping you to understand your current water consumption, trends in your usage and innovative solutions that may benefit your business.

Of course, there are also more immediate changes you can make, such as providing water fountains for your employees to minimise wastewater at sinks, choosing efficient appliances and putting water saving devices in place in bathrooms and kitchen areas.

A single dripping tap in one government building can account for as much as 60 litres of water every single week, and this will quickly add up when it comes to your water bill.

Creating an internal culture of good water management, is something all organisations can do. The importance of a having water savvy workforce is something all our customers can also instil in their staff and work culture, as water efficiency awareness has many benefits for the modern workplace.

A simple, streamlined service

Many public sector organisations are spread across multiple sites and have varying water requirements. For some, a single unified bill is the best way to keep on top of costs and at Wave we can offer a combined water and wastewater service across multiple sites if this is what you need. We work with each individual client to focus on their requirements and can tailor our billing methods, quotes, and service to this.

We’re proud to work with many public sector organisations and our dedicated public sector team have years of experience in the water industry. As well as winning Water Retailer of the Year 2021, we were delighted to be recognised for our contribution towards NEPO’s social value award commendation. Wave are now a supplier on seven public sector frameworks, providing an alternative route to market for many organisations within the sector.

Our team is ready to work with yours to ensure simple, straightforward, and streamlined water management in the public sector. Contact the team