It’s Wizard Working Here!

Date: Wednesday 21th March
Jackie Firth

Working in a fast-paced, competitive marketplace is character building, but can also be challenging. The team at Northumbrian Water Group Business, based at Pity Me, in Durham, believe that creating moments which lift the spirits are great for spurring staff on to even greater achievements.

One of the more light-hearted moments devised recently was ‘Wizarding Wednesday’, which offered the Harry Potter fans amongst the staff the opportunity to get into character for a discussion based on their favourite wizard stories. Amongst those involved was one of NWGB's staff who bears an uncanny resemblance to the star of the stories.

Wizarding Wednesday Staff Photo


Jackie Firth, Communications Advisor for NWGB said:

 We are indeed fortunate that we have our own Harry Potter look alike in the business who is a really good sport and got into character to get the snitch flying, so to speak. 

 Bret Addison, is in fact one of our brilliant Customer Service Advisors but he kindly took a few minutes off the phone to help us create this magic photograph. 

Bret was pleased with the photo of himself as the most famous wizard in the world and said:

 People used to tell me I looked like Harry Potter when I was younger, however I think I am more of a James Potter lookalike these days.