How to prepare for higher water usage during the Euros 2024 if you’re a licensed premises

With the Euros 2024 fast approaching and the government allowing pubs to extend their opening hours if England or Scotland reach the semi-finals, the excitement is building for football fans, pubs and other licensed premises.

Takepayments, a digital payment solutions provider, are predicting that Brits are likely to drink over 600 million pints during the tournament, meaning that from Friday 14 June hospitality venues will see a huge rise in customers.

How to prepare for more people in your premises

With an increase in the number of people in your venue, you’re likely to see a spike in your water usage too, so here’s some tips on how to use less and keep your water bills down during those busy periods.

  • Check if any repairs are needed – dripping taps and leaking loos can waste a lot of water. A leaking toilet can waste as much as 400 litres a day, at a cost of £300 a year if left unfixed. A quick visual check will usually help you spot them or try a leak and flow test to highlight if you have any leaks.
  • Collect rainwater – if you’ve got outside areas that need cleaning or plants that need watering, you don’t need to use tap water for this. Rainwater can be used to help keep those areas thriving.
  • Check your cleaning regimes – make sure your glass washers and dishwashers are full before switching them on, this way you’ll cut down on the number of washes you do and the water you use.
  • Avoid leaving the tap running – when washing glasses or preparing food, it’s easy to have the tap running and leave it unattended. This can waste 6 litres of water every minute, so remember to get your staff on board and explain why it’s important to turn it off when they’re not using it.
  • Make use of your FOG – if you’re a pub or restaurant that’s serving food as well as drinks, you might be able to make money from your fats, oils and greases.
  • How to dispose of surplus stock

    If you reach the end of the Euros 2024 and find you have unused stock that you need to dispose of, you’ll need to get permission from your wholesaler to do this, as pouring beer and cider into the sewer isn’t usually allowed.

    You’ll need to request a temporary discharge through a trade effluent customer application form. The form can be quite complicated, but our team of inhouse trade effluent experts are on hand to help.

    Once complete, you’ll need to email it to us at [email protected] and we’ll take care of the rest.

    We’re here to help

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