Combining your business water and wastewater

At Wave, we recommend our customers opt to combine their water and wastewater services with us. Using one business water retailer for both services is much simpler and brings other benefits too. The benefits of combining your services include:

  1. One bill
  2. One supplier
  3. One payment

With so many different business costs to manage, streamlining your water services can make managing those bills easier, giving you the time back to run your business.

Combining your water and wastewater with Wave

Wave make it simple for you to combine your water and wastewater services, you can simply get in touch and our team will handle everything on your behalf. If you’re an existing customer and want to add on your wastewater services, we’ll take care of that too.

Consolidating multiple site accounts

If your business operates across multiple sites, you don’t have to manage multiple water and wastewater bills. It’s up to you, of course, but many of our customers opt to receive a single bill, covering all of their sites and services. This simplifies the whole process and makes it easy to manage your water costs without too much difficulty. Some of our customers do opt for separate bills too, but the choice is yours. No matter how your business structure is set up, you’ll only deal with one, award winning business water retailer giving you consistency, a high level of service and the ease of managing your account online.

Making payments simple

We want to make it as easy as possible for all our customers to manage their business water account.

Whether you have just the one location or if your business is multi-site with several premises, you can make just one payment, send us a remittance and we’ll do the rest to make sure your funds are allocated to the correct accounts.

One way for ensuring payments are not missed is by setting up a direct debit. This allows bills to be paid on an agreed date, without interruption. You can opt to pay a fixed amount or clear the balance with each payment, but which ever option you choose, we’ll always tell you the amount we’ll collect at least 14 days before the payment is collected.

Join Wave Today

Wave provides business water and wastewater services to a wide range of organisations in many different sectors. As a market-leading water retailer in the UK, we strive to deliver competitive rates and combined billing options to suit your needs, whilst also committing to our water consumption and efficiency goals. Get in touch today to discuss our services.