6 tips to help your business save energy

Many of us know that energy is one of the biggest costs at home, but have you ever thought about how much you’re using at work? It’s no surprise that it is also one of the largest overheads for businesses, with the average medium-sized office having an electricity consumption of around 40,000 kwh. This is the equivalent of running an electric shower for 4,000 hours or a plasma TV for 5,000 days!

Which appliances are costing me the most?

Electricity is essential when running a business, but you might be shocked to see which appliances are costing you the most. Air conditioning, lights and computers make up over 66% of the costs to run a typical office!

Which appliances are costing me the most?

How can I save energy?

Saving energy in your workplace doesn’t have to mean big changes. We’ve collected six handy tips that can be easily implemented to help you reduce your consumption, save you money and help the environment too!

1. Turn off lights

46% of business energy is used outside the hours of 8am and 6pm. This shows just how important it is to turn off lights when leaving work. Try having labels next to switches reminding staff to turn off lights if they’re the last to go home. You could also try installing sensors that will massively lower your usage when no one is in the room.

2. Turn off equipment

We’re all guilty of sometimes heading out the door in a rush at the end of the day. Just make sure to shut down your computer first. Over 10% of the costs to run a typical office come from computers, so it really does pay to shut them down properly.

3. Engage your staff

Making sure your employees know the importance of energy efficiency is vital when it comes to lowering consumption. More than half of employees (59%) said they aren’t aware of their company's energy saving practices. By training staff to understand the cost of energy and ways they can help reduce use, they’ll be more aware of the impact on the profitability of your business.

4. Control your heating and air conditioning

Keeping control of the heating and air conditioning means that employees can’t change the temperatures drastically throughout the day. Encourage people to leave windows and doors closed when the heating is on and don’t heat areas such as corridors which aren’t being used often.

5. Open the blinds

Most offices keep the blinds shut to avoid the sun glaring on computer screens, but this means having the lights on. Try opening the blinds and switching off the lights; you’ll be amazed at how much energy you’ll save.

6. Replace your old appliances

When’s the last time you upgraded the fridge, your printers or even the kettle? Investing money in newer, energy-efficient appliances could save you in the long run. You can see how efficient they are by their Energy Star rating.

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By Rachel H.    |    20 November 2019